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  • Unlimited reports
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  • Year on Year analysis
Contact us for further pricing details above 15+ accounts. We offer discounts as you scale.

50% savings on manual process

On average brands have 1 wholesale staff member spending 20% of their time processing selling reports. We cut this cost in half.

3x ROI over 12 months

On top of headcount savings, our platform provides your team with the time and analytics to proactively manage your wholesale channel. On average driving a 15% improvement in sell through.

Dedicated account manager

To ensure onboarding takes minutes and that you see benefits from our platform from day 1. Our team is on hand to answer any query big or small.


Per 10
Per 10
Per 10
Processing all report formats
(pdf, Excel, csv's, txt)
Proactive mapping management
Automatic report turnaround in seconds
Consolidated report in excel
Brand-defined categorisations
Unlimited users
Personalised onboarding and customer support
Bestseller image reporting
Year-on-Year reporting
Breakdown by doors
Report customisations
In-person onboarding
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Frequently Asked Questions

What formats do my linelists/selling reports need to be in?

We have a linelist template here, which we recommend you use to get all your product details and categories in the report. You can also upload your linelists directly in the platform, ideally in excel format.

Your selling report should be in the format they come to you in - whether that’s PDFs, CSV or Excels, we can process them all.

Can we upload our ecom reports too?

Sure! We can process a single report and split the data by retailer on your consolidated one. Just pop the report in the retail accounts you want reporting on, and we’ll do the rest.

What happens when our report format changes?

Our platform alerts us to any report changes, at the point of upload. If the data stays consistent we will add this new file to our uploaders, so it will process automatically. Otherwise, we will ask you a few questions to make sure we correctly map the new report.

What do you do with the retailers who don’t provide our SKU code in their report?

We deal with plenty of retail reports that don’t include the same SKU codes. However, we rarely come across ones that can’t be matched to your SKU codes, through product details and code clues, thanks to our clever matching technology. If any retailer codes are particularly ambiguous, we’ll reach out.

Can you include product images in the output report?

Yes, and custom metrics. Along with in platform dashboards and in-depth excel downloads, we also provide a quick best-seller pdf download to share with teams when they are on the move, perfect for viewing on a phone or tablet.