Launch optimisation

Test the market to launch with precision

Calculate demand, perfect pricing, and target the right locations on first launch. Pre-testing products with PreWarp ensures success.

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Authentically test demand before the big launch

Launches used to be a guessing game

It’s hard to know how products will perform in the real world.

Now they’re based on real-life data

PreWarp lets you pre-sell products, putting them in front of consumers pre-launch.

Make it your own

Connect PreWarp in minutes for fast, compartmented testing that feels right at home with your brand.


Reach the right people

Test accurately by previewing your products to specific target audiences with the help of your CRM, loyalty platforms, social media accounts, and more.


Keep tabs on what’s important

Know what’s selling where—and to whom. Perfectly picture future demand by geographies, customer segments, and demographics with predictive forecasts.


Connect the dots

Once you understand which products are in demand, who’s buying, and where—optimise your pricing, inventory, marketing, and in-store logistics to match.

Ryan Hoffman
"Without data analytics we wouldn't be able to do anything anymore. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. You have to have it - and if you don't you're going to be so behind everyone else."
Jonathan Somers, Head of Merchandising

Warp what you know about optimisation

Optimise product decisions so you can get the right product, in the right place, at the right price.

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We get you set up. Not just anyone—you. Personally.

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We’re always here for anything you need, any time.

Built for global brands

PreWarp was built with the world in mind.

Send stock flying off the shelves

Execute merchandising decisions with absolute confidence to tick every item off your inventory.